Who I am.

I decided to become a doula as soon as I realized I could actually nurture people for a living! When I celebrated a significant birthday a few years back, I went into soul-searching overdrive; after many years in retail management and sales, I realized that the only parts of my job I truly loved were the parts that involved supporting my employees and being kind to people. A few months later, I had left my job behind and was beginning my doula training at Bastyr University. I trained as both a birth doula and as a postpartum doula. I am now honored to be able to support moms and their partners throughout their perinatal journey, helping them create beautiful and empowered memories of their births, and guiding them as they adjust to new parenthood; it is by far the best job I could imagine. 

I myself am the mom of two grown-up boys, Gabriel and Milo. My own two birth stories taught me how important it is to have loving, nonjudgmental, and consistent support throughout labor and delivery and beyond. I grew up on a farm outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and in my free time, I am likely either doing a crossword puzzle or reading some riveting non-fiction while drinking tea, and may quite possibly be in a tent! From 2016-2018 I served on the Board of the Northwest Association for Postpartum Support (NAPS) as Continuing Education Coordinator.

2019 Liz News: I am delighted to share that in June of 2019 I will be taking a six month sabbatical to adventure, learn and refresh! I will begin my time away by first studying in Spain for several months, then I will head to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, then will join my sister for a walk along the coast of Cornwall, followed by a much longer walk (1000 miles!) through France to the west coast of Spain in the Fall. My travels will conclude with a journey through Morocco before returning home after Thanksgiving. It will surely be a whirlwind of wonderful experiences and I am very excited to bring this restored energy back home with me in late 2019! The downside is that I will not be attending births again until December of 2019, but please be in touch at any time between now and then - I will be able to intake both birth clients and postpartum clients while I am away and I will check emails regularly (at least every few days) throughout my travels. I look forward to returning to the work I love and seeing you then!