As of March 2017, I am one half of a doula partnership! After providing backup support for each other for some time, Emma Christensen of Beatha Wellness and I decided to become co-doulas. Between the two of us, we offer birth doula services, postpartum doula services, prenatal massage, reflexology, and classes for our clients. Our new name is Birth to Baby Northwest, and you can learn more about this exciting new venture here.

Our birth fee is $2000 and this includes the following :

  • A complementary interview with both Emma Christensen and Liz Gardner where we can get to know each other and find out if we are the doulas you are looking for for your birth.
  • One prenatal birth preparation session in your home where you, your partner and your doula will talk about your desires for your birth and how we may best help you achieve those. We will go over your birth plan, talk about comfort measures, what to expect at home and at your birthing place and the variances of labor. 
  • For first time parents, a complementary newborn care workshop held in our Seattle studio where we will talk all things baby. We talk about the first few hours and days after your baby is born, standard hospital procedures, early breastfeeding, how to bathe, soothe and change your baby and more. This is your chance to ask any questions you may have about life with newborns.
  • A complementary download of the online Spinning Babies Parent Class which teaches you exercises you can do during pregnancy to balance the hips and prepare your body for an optimal birth.
  • Monthly walks around Greenlake during which you can ask questions, get to know us better and also build community with other expecting couples. Join us as often as you like from when you hire us right through until your baby is in college!
  • 20% off prenatal and postpartum massages and reflexology sessions from our sister company Seattle Pregnancy Massage until your baby turns a year old.
  • Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and the first few months of your baby's life.
  • Support in early labor. Initially this will be via telephone and when you or your partner feel more support is needed your doula will join you at your home
  • Support throughout labor both at home and at your birth place. Every labor is different as are every laboring person's needs. Support may include physical comfort measures (massage, meditation, counter pressure, helping you to remain in the moment, etc), supporting your partner in how best to help you, helping you interpret what is going on should medical interventions be desired or necessary.
  • Support in the first hour or two after you baby is born. Your doula will help you with the first breastfeed and stay until you are comfortable and ready for some family time. 
  • One postpartum visit to your home during the first 4 weeks of your baby's life during which your doula can answer any questions you have about the newborn period,  breastfeeding and  life with your newborn(s).
  • 10% off additional reflexology or massage sessions from signing the contract until one year after your birth. 

  • For even more details, here is the 'What it Means When You Hire Us As Your Doulas' document that we leave with clients.